No. of Weekend Cup
Weekend Cup Pro Tournaments [BETA]

Weekend Cup champion? Why stop there! Be a Weekend Cup Pro champion! Every two months, teams will prove who is the state's best team.

Note: The Weekend Cup Pro is still in it's BETA phase and is subject to changes in the future

What is it?

It is an inter-district tournament where teams with the most wins in their district will be selected to represent their district. Each district representative will battle each other to be crowned the Weekend Cup Pro (WCP) champion of their state. Winners of the Weekend Cup Pro will be rewarded and crowned as that season's top team for their state.


Where is it?

For the moment, the Weekend Cup Pro (WCP) will be held in;

  • KL/Selangor

  • Penang

  • Perak

  • Johor

  • Pahang

  • Terengganu

  • Negeri Sembilan

  • Kelantan

  • Other states be on standby! We will get to you soon.


How do I join?

Get the most 1st places at Weekend Cups in your district! Only teams with the most Weekend Cup wins in their district are invited to the Weekend Cup Pro tournament. If your team would like to be a part of the WCP tournament in your state, you would need to win the most Weekend Cups in your district. 

- Teams that have won the most Weekend Cups in their district qualify to join the WCP

- Teams who Qualify for WCP can continue to join Weekend Cups 

What are the rewards?

- 1st place: RM1000 + Trophy + WCP Champion Polo Tee x 5

- 2nd place: RM500

- 3rd place: RM300

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