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Weekend Cup Loyalty Program - Join More, Win More!

Weekend Cup Loyalty Program

With over 200 Weekend Cups, our favorite weekend activity has received a few upgrades. It first began with collectible posters, then collectible Champion weapon keychains.


Now, to show our gratitude for the community’s continued support and how we treasure the loyalty of players who come to our Weekend Cups frequently, we will be introducing the ‘Weekend Cup Loyalty Program’ by first rewarding “Team Ignition” for being our most loyal Weekend Cup team with the highest participation rate.

What is the ‘Weekend Cup Loyalty Program’?

Starting October 2nd 2015, the ‘Weekend Cup Loyalty Program’ will restart the attendance counter of all Weekend Cup teams. This means everyone will start with 0 Weekend Cup Loyalty levels. The aim of this program is both to reward Loyal Teams and motivate team members to be Loyal to each other.



This Loyalty program works as a leveling system where players receive rewards for reaching certain levels, similar to how “The Apogee” works. The more Weekend Cups your team attends, the more rewards your team will receive.

·         Teams gather loyalty levels by ATTENDING Weekend Cups AND filling out this FORM.

·         Each team attendance counts as 1 loyalty level.

·         Every benchmark level reached by your team will reward your team with a better prize.

·        A team’s loyalty levels only accumulate if team members remain the same. A change of team members would result in a team going back to 0 loyalty levels (even 1 member leaving can affect this).


What are the benchmark level rewards?

The higher loyalty levels your team reaches, the more you’re rewarded!

·        4 Loyalty Levels = 5 x Role Wristband 

·        8 Loyalty Levels = 5 x Teemo Hat

·        12 Loyalty Levels = 5 set x Keychain (5 design)

·        15 Loyalty Levels = 5 x Role Shirt

So what are you waiting for Summoners? Go to a Weekend Cup near you and start leveling up your team's loyalty level!Remember to fill out this form after the event to register your attendance!

*We will have another article in the news section to keep track of team's Loyalty Levels. Visit that article to check if your Loyalty Levels have been registered.