No. of Weekend Cup
TLC MY pros gather for a fun Featured Matchup

What do the local TLC MY pros do when they’re not busy practicing or getting victories in competitive matches? Well, they’re pretty much like us all other gamers just wanting to have some fun in League with friends!


Recently, we arranged a little featured matchup with a couple of pros -- KLH JaeYoong, KLH OzoraVeki, SHC Swak, DGC Xare and GG Hokibansui (as Atuf Suka Wani) -- pairing up with a few of us here from Garena just for fun. GM.Bibi, Fish, Chris, Ameera Idros and Amelia Lim even made an appearance! The result was a crazy game with lot of laughs, tons of kills, a bunch of failed plays and one heck of a good time.

We’d like to thank Kuala Lumpur Hunters, Smoking Hot Candies, DxG Coup de Grace and Garbage Gaming for participating in this effort. Don’t forget to click on their links to visit their Facebook pages and give them a little support.