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Malaysian eSports Task Force team heads out


These are the guys that will go into your state, meet up with local cyber cafes there, work things out and make things happen -- League of Legends style. Meet our Malaysian eSports Task Force team, Ong "Kent" Kar Jian and Poon "Ah Wai" Chee Wai.

Some might already find them familiar, having been around the central states recently. This weekend, they'll be heading over to Perak and Sarawak for the first time, to help set up the groundwork for eSports in those areas. And that means people in the area should start seeing more offline and on-ground events for both casual and competitive LoL, real soon!

Check out our interview with the duo to find out how they do what they do, and how you can get them to come down to your home state.


So, what exactly do you guys do?

Ah Wai: Simply put, we conduct LoL events at a particular state and liaise with players on-ground and online in those states. After setting the initial groundwork there, we'll then find and hire new eSports Ambassadors who will host frequent events after we've moved on.

Kent: Our first step is usually to make announcements for our LoL events on our Facebook groups. Then, we'd communicate with the members in the group to identify the best locations for events. Lastly, we'll head on over to their state and begin our on-ground activities, including hiring Ambassadors and hosting LoL events.

How do you choose new eSports Ambassadors to hire?

A: We're constantly on the lookout for candidates with a good working attitude who also have adequate knowledge about eSports and the game. As eSports Ambassadors are often part timers, we prefer candidates who are passionate and reliable.

K: Normally, we'd scout and reach out to them ourselves. The Facebook groups are one of our main tools for that. Candidates can also apply through the forms in the Facebook group if they're interested.


What events have you facilitated so far?

K: Our teams have already conducted League events (Weekend Cup and Weekend Cup Sendiri) in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Sabah and Johor. We've probably done over 60 of these events in the span of just a few months. Our goal is to have frequent League events in all of the Malaysian states!

How long does one of these processes take?

A: We usually take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to plan and announce our League events on all of our active League of Legends Facebook groups. Then, we'll take another few weeks to execute the plan when we get to those states.

How do you choose which states you'll be going to next?

K: Believe it or not, we actually decide based on a particular state's Facebook group's online response and activity. That is why it is important for the groups to have many active members who want to see an improvement in their local LoL eSports scene.


Where will the eSports Task Force team head to next?

A: This month, we plan to set up base in Perak and Sarawak. After that, we have plans to head on over to another 13 states to facilitate new and ongoing events.

K: We are currently busy preparing to build eSports in all the other states, so players should keep an eye on our Facebook state groups!