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Introducing the Midnight Cup, and changes to Weekend Cup rewards

Introducing the Midnight Cup (MC), our new amateur-to-middle tier tournament with a bigger cash prize pool. It is designed to better serve our new generation of serious teams from our Weekend Cup.

The Midnight Cup is an invite only, progression upward from the Weekend Cup. Top teams with 2 Weekend Cup wins or more will compete to be crowned the Midnight Cup champion, A.K.A best Weekend Cup team of your state.

Collection of Weekend Cup wins begin on the 3rd of October until the MC quarter ends. After which, Weekend Cup wins will be reset to the next quarter. The first MC will be held on 21st November for Penang, 25th November for Johor and 27th November for KL/Selangor & Pahang.

Each qualified team will compete for a prize pool of RM 800.

  • 1st place: RM 500

  • 2nd place: RM 200

  • 3rd place: RM 100

Each MC quarter last 3 months:

  • 1st month: Collect Weekend Cup wins

  • 2nd month: Collect Weekend Cup wins and First & Second MC of the quarter

  • 3rd month: Third & Fourth MC and end of quarter reset.

MC tournaments will roll out throughout Malaysia in quarters.

  • 1st quarter (3/10/2016 ~ 1/1/2017): KL/Selangor, Penang, Pahang and Johor.

  • 2nd quarter (2/1/2017 ~ 26/3/2017) : All states


  • Only teams with 2 Weekend Cup wins or above will be invited to the Midnight Cup.

  • Teams invited to the Midnight Cup will not be allowed to join Weekend Cups until the end of the Midnight Cup quarter.

It’s been a month since our testing of the new adjustments to Weekend Cup rewards. We’ve been listening to your concerns and feedback closely to make any necessary changes or improvements to the Weekend Cup.

After this first month of testing, we’ve decided to change Garena Shells to Riot Points which would be directly rewarded into top 3 team player’s accounts. Prizes will now be as follows;

  • 1st place: 5 x 600 RP + 1x Merchandise

  • 2nd place: 5 x 400 RP

  • 3rd place: 5 x 200 RP

This change will come into affect starting September.


  • To ensure RP rewards are entered correctly. Players must provide the correct GUID and IGN.

  • Players are advised to not change their IGN for at least 2 weeks after the Weekend Cup.

  • It is not our responsibility if RP is not distributed to winners with provided GUID and IGN that are incorrect/have been changed.

In summary, Weekend Cups will run for a month, and we will be looking out for the good teams that consistently win. We will conduct Midnight Cups from the second month onwards, where teams will enter based on invite only basis. Midnight Cups will be conducted in quarters, rolled out state by state. Weekend Cups will still be run consistently, and their prize pools will be changed to bigger RP rewards.

Rest assured we are still dedicated to serving our passionate LoL players all over Malaysia. These changes come with the following considerations.

  1. We need to protect the “beginner level” of our Weekend Cups. We first launched Weekend Cup to be a community platform for our budding teams, we are pleased to see so many serious teams come out of Weekend Cups. After a year of Weekend Cups, many teams have matured since they first joined the Weekend Cup community. These teams played together often and increased their skill level to a point that made competing in Weekend Cups in their district no longer a challenge. However, Weekend Cups is still the best platform for inspired players to join events for the first time, to share their skills, test their loyalty, and get a taste of eSports in Malaysia.

  2. We discovered that serious teams needed a new tier of competition, the Midnight Cup. We acknowledge that some Weekend Cups have become predictable, due to the tension between serious teams and new teams. Serious teams are known in their immediate district and consistently take the top few spots making it hard for new teams to mature, or find a suitable opponent team. This tension was likely due to a missing platform in our progression after Weekend Cups. We believe this new Midnight Cup tier should reward our serious teams better with more resources and recognition on their path to pro. This will improve the quality of battles at Weekend Cups, and we will finally get a chance to see our serious teams get to meet other serious teams at Midnight Cups, improving the skill levels of our eSports ecosystem.

  3. Inserting RP from our system backend is more secure. Our ambassador network is growing from strength to strength, and we are proud to expand our Weekend Cups to previously underserved communities. However, these new venues are causing a strain to our logistics network, as the merchandises we move through them are valuable and fragile, we have been experiencing losses and delays. We are touched by your support for the Weekend Cups. We see a new trend of player behaviour where our players bring in new players to join our Weekend Cups, and new requests for Weekend Cups from all corners of Malaysia. We believe that inserting the RP from our backend will make the prize delivery more timely and secure for all our new teams in the Weekend Cup community.  

We have grown from a humble number of events in selected states to events big and small across Malaysia which gave birth to hundreds of new teams in just 1 year. This could not have been done without your continued valuable feedback and support. We are confident that together, we will make eSports great in Malaysia.

Until then, stay tuned for updates regarding the Midnight Cup on our Weekend Cup website or state Facebook groups.

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