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A day in the life: eSports Ambassador Ameerah Idros

Work hard, play harder. Nothing else explains the job of an eSports Ambassador quite as accurately as those four words. And for our most experienced ambassador, Ameerah Idros, she's having the time of her life working with a thriving community for a game she came to love just two years ago.

"When you have passion for something and you are willing to go all out for it, you wouldn’t really feel like it is working -- you are just living the moment and striving for the best," she explains.

Having taken a leap of faith by applying for the job in March when she saw the recruitment ads on the in-game client and on Facebook, Ameerah has gone on to be the backbone of numerous successes.


"As an eSport Ambassador, I manage Weekend Cups at cyber cafes near my area once every two weeks. Weekend Cups are frequent weekly tournaments for players who are still new to the eSports scene, and are typically hosted by ambassadors like myself,” she says.

“But after some changes, I was newly appointed as a mentor. Now, my job scope is to focus on training several teams sponsored by cyber cafes and Garena in Selangor.”

Amidst her regular ambassador work, she is also actively socializing with the community as the admin of several 
Facebook LoL groups. Along the way, she has build quite a reputation for herself among the LoL community in Malaysia, even gaining the community-appointed title of "Kakak". 

But that's just the icing on the cake.

"Being an eSports Ambassador has been a great experience so far. I don't just get to play League of Legends every day but, at the same time, I'm able to directly help grow LoL eSports in Malaysia."

Just recently graduated with a degree in mass communications, Ameerah is definitely putting her skills to good use. While it takes hard work, ultimately, Ameerah admits it's a rewarding process. Just to give us a taste of it all, here's a day in her life through her own words:



Since it is the fasting month, I would wake up early to have my sahur. After that, I would get on my laptop just to scroll through Facebook, especially the League of Legends Malaysia Community group to moderate it from any misbehaviour or wrong conducts.


Since work officially starts in the afternoon, I would fill my mornings by helping out with the house chores first. Later, I would go up to my room and surf the Net for interesting videos or articles about LoL that I could use for my training session with the sponsored teams. Working as an ambassador actually gives me some free time to help out with my family and also do the work that I love!


This is basically when my day as an ambassador starts. I would go to the nearest cyber café in Shah Alam to meet up with some of my sponsored team members and play a few games with them. It is more of a bonding session with the players. This is something I’ve done frequently, which has in turn helped me build a great relationship with them.


At this time, I conduct training sessions for sponsored teams at Blitzone Klang. The two sponsored teams here are among the youngest that I am currently training. They are team Leggo Gaming and team Inoxious. One thing that is important while training young players is having the patience to guide them. During training session, the teams would go up against one another and I would spectate the game. After training, we sit outside to discuss their games for the day, including what went wrong/right and how they can improve.



Time to break fast! I usually break my fast at home with my family, if not, with my friends.


After breaking fast, I would proceed with training for the night session teams. Most of my nights are full of training from Monday to Friday. For the teams who are training together, as usual, I would have them scrim each other. And for the ones who don’t have team partners at their cyber café, they would enter rank 5 games.

To spice things up a little bit, I always set bench marks for the players. For example, CS-ing, map awareness, first blood and others. If a team does not manage to achieve the required objectives, I would ask them to do some exercise as punishment. Normally, I would ask them to do pushups but at times, I’ll just let them do “ketuk-ketampi”.


My days usually end here after all the trainings are done. But I always look forward to the next day.


We're always on the lookout for people to join our growing team of ambassadors as we continue developing eSports in each state. If you're interested in being one yourself, you can also register here!