No. of Weekend Cup
Adjustments to Weekend Cup prizes

Greetings summoners! We will be implementing some changes as we venture on our mission to improve the eSports scene and League community here in Malaysia. On the 29th of July (29/7/2016) first place rewards will be reduced from 500GS per player to 300GS per player and second place rewards will be reduced from 300GS per player to 200 GS per player. The updated reward structure will be as follows:

·         1st place: RM100 + 5 x 300GS + Merchandise

·         2nd place: 5 x 200GS

·         3rd place: 5 x 100 GS


We started the year 2016 with a bang, many of you whom have been supporting and enjoying our Weekend Cups would have seen the various extra add-ons we’ve been adding into the Weekend Cup. Many of these rewards were introduced because of the feedback we received hoping for more merchandise. From the Loyalty Program, Yasuo figurines and more. Further feedback and suggestions we’ve received convinced us that it was time to make some amendments to the base rewards to better suit the Weekend Cup’s tournament tier.


The Weekend Cup has helped attract and grow many new beginner teams through fun rewards like our merchandise and lucky draw gaming gear. Some teams that have improved in our Weekend Cups matured into teams that began to reach for higher tier rewards such as big cash prizes from the TLC ladder. Because of this, our local eSports has received many new faces. However, your feedback has made it clear that some teams still need time to grow before they enter the TLC, and because of this, some decided to remain in our beginner tier tournament (Weekend Cups) and continue to collect rewards.


Weekend Cup rewards are not meant to attract above average teams to stock pile GS cards but rather to warm new players up to the fun of friendly competition at lower tiers, which could sometimes give rise to potential new pro players. That being said, we understand that there is a need for more middle tier tournaments to supplement this growing community of above average teams. Along with the modification of rewards for Weekend Cups we will also be;

·         Getting more quality merchandise like the Yasuo figurines for our beginner teams.

·         Increasing the types of events held in each state instead of just Weekend Cups.

·         And many more community activities that are currently in its planning stages.


We sincerely care about improving the quality of skill and play in our eSports ecosystem, and we think that we can do better to service our mid-tier teams, who are just starting on their eSports journey. For these group of summoners, we will be planning another tier of competition coming to you very soon!


Here are a few of our exciting new tournaments that we are proud to announce are just around the corner. Make sure to join your state’s Facebook group to keep yourself updated and meet new fellow summoners to build a team (if you don’t already have one).

As our local eSports scene grows, we will continue to change and adapt to better suit it. Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback, we look forward to seeing you at our many events to come.

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