No. of Weekend Cup
8 ways to improve and NOT FEED ANYMORE

1.   Stop the blame game.

We all know that there are some times where it can be your team’s fault. xD But pro players share with us that it isn’t the reason why most players are stuck in Bronze or Silver.

Many players whom we’ve spoken to that rise from Bronze to Diamond or Challenger have shared with us that they don’t spend their time scolding the team because they know it will not improve their gameplay. Instead they analyze the game and tell the team mate calmly what they should have done.

Spend your time working as a team, not getting upset.

2. Don't build like a Pro (Yet).

Let’s face it, we all want to be like the pro players we see on streams and YouTube. “But eh bro. Still need to know how to jalan before you lari la.” Pro players make their own builds of masteries and runes because they understand themselves and their team mates.


Most players in the lower ranks copy the masteries and runes that pro players build thinking that they will be able to play like them by doing so. If that was the case then the whole world should be filled with pro players right?! But… no. L


An example of why this is important is this:

The way you play Zed may be different to the way another player plays Zed.

·         You may be the poke then engage type.

·         While another player might be the all-in type.

The runes and Masteries for both those kinds of play style would be very different!

Understand your playstyle, then experiment with the best runes and masteries that match your kind of champion.


3. Ward la abang.

For the longest time, many of us think it’s only the support’s role to ward. But the support can only have a maximum of 4 wards at all times! And that is including the pink ward. Did you know that winning games have an average of 60 wards placed during the time of the game? O.o That’s a lot of wards!


So let’s take a step back and think about the math for a bit. Average games last 40 minutes. That equals to 1.5 wards a minute. But wards last for 3 minutes. That means the support would on average only be able to put down 20 wards! If there needs to be 60 wards on average, a minimum of 3 players should be warding! To make things easier, all 5 should help ward to lighten the burden.


Also, if 1 player were to do all the warding, only a tiny part of the map will be visible, or 4 places really far apart from each other will be visible. That’s not enough vision! Next time you watch your favorite pro team play, pay attention to how many wards there are on the map.


Everyone in the team should help ward.



4. Don't always go for the kill.

Although a Champion kill could give 220 – 300 gold per a kill. Did you know that 15 minions equal to 300 too? And it’s a lot safer too!

Getting kills are great… if it’s worth it! Sometimes it’s too risky compared to the reward. Pick your battles carefully before you put yourself into a corner of regret. If there is a good chance you won’t win the fight, just farm more minions!

Some fights are worth less than farming. Choose your battles.


5. Good lane positioning.

Unless you’re a jungler like myself *high five*, you may not know how difficult it is to help a lane that over extends their lane. In order for team mates to help your lane, players should control how the lane is being pushed.


Last hitting is an important part of this. This means; don’t damage the minions until they are about to die, get the “last hit”. This allows the minions to come closer to your turret. The closer you are to your turret, the further away your enemy is from his/her turret. Which would make it easier for team mates to help you defeat them and easier for you to run away to safety if you’re ambushed.

Control your lane, strategize your position to set up ‘ganks’, stay safe or destroy the turret.

6. Make use of successful team fights.

Although it seems obvious, most players do not make use of the opportunity of winning a team fight. I’ve been guilty of this temptation before too . We get distracted and look at the gold in our pockets and think “OMG I can get my core item now! :D”. But, surprise surprise … that isn’t the right thing to do.


Instead of going back to base, pro teams often use this advantage to take dragon, destroy a tower/inhibitor or even take Baron. When you’ve defeated the enemy, the ownage does not stop there!


Make them feel the pain by taking an objective too!

Use every opportunity, don’t get distracted.

7. Practice communication.

League of Legends is a game that relies heavily on team work. As we previously highlighted, a game can be won simply by working together to win the game instead of getting upset over a mistake.

It’s no wonder why pro teams play sitting next to each other. Although the game is played online, players have improved their team synergy by communicating with each other verbally. “But Mr.List of 8 man. Haven’t you heard of voice chat like TalkTalk?” – Yes I have random curious Summoner! The reason why sitting next to each other is better is because of the atmosphere and the morale.


Having your team sat next to you reduces the chance of a team mate getting upset and leaving the game or losing motivation. It also helps build momentum when the team is winning through the excitement and cheers. Luckily there is the Weekend Cup for you to practice this!

Play together Offline and practice team communication. Learn from each other.



8. Practice in-real life!

All the points we mentioned above require practice. Many also need physical presence and an environment for you to improve. But hey! Good news, there are Weekend Cups throughout Malaysia for you to attend!


Playing in a team of 5 is always better than Solo Queue, and playing in a low tier competitive environment puts you against another team who wants to improve as well. By doing this your team will learn how to work together and understand each other’s roles better. Through every won or lost game, you can discuss it and help each other improve! It’s not about the prizes, it’s about improving your game.

What’s great is that the Weekend Cup rules have changed to give players a better fair environment to practice and improve in, a sort of Training Camp! It has done this by not allowing TLC players to join the Weekend Cup.


Be a part of the Weekend Cup community. Have fun, learn and make more friends at a Weekend Cup near you.


Play with a team of 5 and improve in a frequent training ground like Weekend Cups.